Occupational therapy group work for handwriting difficulties in Leeds.


Does your child have difficulties with their handwriting?

Would they benefit from learning in a group setting, learning to develop their skills alongside children with similar difficulties.

Butterflies childrens occupational therapy Leeds is able to complete group work in school / or at home to support children with handwriting difficulties.  Group work would involve developing gross and fine motor skills as well as exploring seating position to support children to develop their handwriting.

Group work would be facilitated by 1 staff member from Butterflies Children's Occupational Therapy (in school - with or without teaching assistants depending on their capacity) with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 students. (this is open to discussion). 

Due to financial constraints on schools budget it is advised that these groups are funded by families.  However, group intervention of this nature would be at a cost significantly less that 1:1 intervention.

We are based within and around Leeds.

Please contact the team for further information.