Occupational Therapy Leeds - Handwriting Assessments

Does you child have difficulties with;

  • Keeping up with their handwriting in class?
  • Pain when handwriting?
  • Unclear hand dominance when handwriting?
  • Do they struggle to maintain attention and sit still in lessons?

We can complete a handwriting assessment to identify any difficulties.

We understand that these difficulties can cause a lot of tears for children and stress on their families.  Butterflies Children's Occupational Therapy Leeds can help by completing a home and / or school visit assessment of handwriting skills.  This will include assessment using standardised and non standardised assessments to assess skills and the environment to ascertain what may be having an affect on handwriting skills and development.

From here a written report, 1:1 intervention / specialist occupational therapy programme can be completed upon request to support the child to build on their skills.

We like smiling faces and are here to help children meet their full potential.

Please contact the team for more information.