Occupational therapy and the Mindfulness in Schools Project


Occupational therapy lends itself very well to mindfulness as it is a meaningful activity which promotes positive well being. This is an exciting opportunity for schools to embark on.

The projects view is that everyone deserves to not ‘just get by’ but to positively flourish. By introducing key skills to help young people, and those who care for them, to work more skillfully with what comes their way, we observe real shifts in how they navigate the difficulties in life, as well as engaging more positively with the opportunities that arise.

The benefits include increased well being and mental health, concentration and cognition, social and emotional learning and behaviour.

We are able to complete either 12x 30 minute or 6x 60 minute sessions to 8-10 children within the school setting. 

Please contact the team for more information.

We are based within and around Leeds.

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I am Peace

I am Peace


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I am Peace

I am Peace


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I am Peace

Mindfulness- A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world


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