Occupational therapy Leeds - Assessment of sensory difficulties

Butterflies Children's Occupational Therapy Leeds is able to support families to identify any sensory difficulties their child may having which is having a functional negative impact on their life.

Sensory difficulties can be misunderstood and hard to unpick which is why we complete a detailed assessment of sensory difficulties. 

It is important to know (if you do not already) that within the UK sensory processing disorder is not classified and so we are unable to give a formal diagnosis.  However, the new DSM-V definition of autism [1] does include sensory issues as one of the four restricted/repetitive behaviour features defined as “hyper or hypo reactivity to sensory input or unusual interest in sensory aspects of the environment.”

I am unable to provide sensory integration therapy (l do not have a specialised gym) however, l would be able to assess and provide intervention which will look at ways to support your child with their sensory needs to enable them to access the school curriculum and build on their independent functioning skills such as dressing, toileting, feeding and bathing.

Butterflies can complete a detailed assessment of sensory difficulties based on discussions with families, completion of clinical observations, assessment of activities of daily living, and completion of the Sensory Profile 2 (home and school). Upon request Butterflies Children's Occupational Therapy can create a bespoke Sensory Diet to meet your child's sensory needs to enable them to engage with their environment to meet their full potential.

Please contact the team for more information.