Children with feeding difficulties Leeds

Does you child have feeding problems / difficulties?

Butterflies Children's Occupational Therapy Leeds recognises that feeding difficulties can cause great stress and anxiety for children and their families. 

“The SOS Approach to Feeding program was developed by Dr. Kay Toomey. For more information on the SOS Approach to Feeding program, please visit”  (Please note, all materials, documents and forms taken from the SOS Approach to Feeding program are copyrighted material and cannot be reproduced in any form without the expressed and written permission of Dr. Kay Toomey).

The SOS Approach focuses on increasing a child’s comfort level by exploring and learning about the different properties of food. The program allows a child to interact with food in a playful, non-stressful way, beginning with the ability to tolerate the food in the room and in front of him/her; then moving on to touching, kissing, and eventually tasting and eating foods.

Butterflies Children's Occupational Therapy is here to support children with feeding difficulties in Leeds.

Butterflies Children's Occupational Therapy can provide both 1:1 or group intervention for children with these difficulties. 

Please contact the team for more information.